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Yoni Peach Care is an independently owned company that is committed to helping women solve intimate issues. Our woman owned company was founded on the principles of providing quality products that are all natural, safe & effective in helping treat and cleanse the body to help restore balance from the inside out. Our company has developed a line of products to help support women and the challenges they face in the intimate care space.

 Our line of products include all natural organic herbal blends for vaginal steaming, Boric Acid suppositories a proven way to help combat vaginal odor, itch and imbalances that can lead to a host of other issues. We also offer steam seats and applicators to simplify administration of these products.

We believe in giving back. With every purchase of our products we will contribute a portion of the proceeds to Every Mother Counts, an organization that believes that all women should have access to quality healthcare for mom and baby.

If you have a question about our products or want to know more feel free to send us a message through our contacts page or by emailing us as