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This is the best thing I’ve in the purchase in a while. My experience with the steam was beautiful on a physical and spiritual level ! I suffer with reoccurring BV and unpleasant smells even though I take extensive action to prevent it. Revealed to me that my body does not like or react well to shellfish, which is a massive part of my diet spiritual level has revealed to me that I slept with someone gave me control issues and aggression through hurt in trama ! Once I did my steam, my body immediately felt at peace, and the massive urge of control has alleviated to a degree ! I did add A rose quartz and a garnet for more of a spiritual and energetic results and absolutely worked. THANK YOU !! I urge black women From all walks of life to participate in this purchase, not only for your physical and mental health, but absolutely for spiritual health

I use it last night. Woke up feeling amazing. The process was easy.

I love it it makes me feel soooo refreshing and it help cut back on my cycle days.

The best type of gift I could have purchase for myself

Got it on March 11 ,2024 use one that night after a shower and woke up feeling refreshed. Feels so good down there. No itch and no odor. It clean everything out and I’ll continue to re-stock on some more. Love it already. Get y'all some you won’t regret it.

A must have product it do wonders

I shared about the Rejuvenating V-POT with some friends, and they were as delighted as I am! 🌟 It's a real hidden gem. 🤩

Since I started using this V-pot, my partner has also noticed that something has changed. 💑 It provides us both more confidence. 💃🕺

I can feel the difference in my body already and I haven't been using it long. I'm very prone to BV, whether it's partners, soaps, detergents, pre-diabetes, I've switched my lifestyle and still got it. So basically what I'm saying is you won't be disappointed in this product. Make the investment.

It has been a lifesaving product for someone who is prone to infections. 🙏 It eases discomfort and works well in doing so. 🌼🌡️

I learned about you on Tiktok.
At first I was afraid to use it because I have always used lactic acid suppositories but this has never helped or only for a short time.
Already in the 2nd night I have seen huge changes when I used the Boric Bloom suppositories. I finally have clear discharge and the smell is completely gone.
I haven't had any rashes or any other side effects.
Little tip: It's best to use it at night when you go to sleep and use a sanitary napkin to go with it, there can be discharge as the vagina is being cleaned and all the bad stuff will run out.
I am looking forward to using the steam bath.


It has been a long journey for me to find something that works for me😅 I have tried so many different products and nothing has worked until now. 🙌 I am so happy to have found this product! 😃🤗

I love how portable this item is, especially for someone who is constantly on the move. 🌍👜 I love the positive effects on my Yoni, and it's a must-have for every girl. 🌟🚺

I enjoyed it to fullest I'm ordering more soon

I really like the herbal ingredients that come with the V-pot🌱✅🌿

I love this product best thing ever!!!💕

I've experimented with various methods to keep things clean down there, but nothing beats Yoni Peach Care products🌺 I'm a huge fan of the V-pot, highly recommend it for a simple, effective solution!😉

I love this product! It's gentle, yet effective 😍 I've been using it at least once every two weeks and can't believe how wonderful my skin feels. 🧖‍♀️✨

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It’s the best thing on the market to me love ❤️ it

I absolutely love mine, it was well worth the money spent !

This was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so glad I was introduced to this 🙏💰 It's worth every penny. 💲💯

Yoni Peach Care | Boric Fresh Yoni Feminine Wash - 2pk

Use This Instead of Regular Soap! I believe in the importance of using products especially designed for the feminine area on those bits because regular soaps can be drying and irritating. I found this Boric Fresh Feminine Wash to be gentle, but effective. It lathers up well, rinses easily, and leaves my body clean and fresh until my next shower. I have had no issues with odors or discharge. However, this wash does smell strongly of tea tree oil, so if you are not a fan of that scent, you may not like this product. As a two pack, I think that this is a good value for what you get.

This product works.I highly recommend. I'm in my first year of menopose and noticed my oder totally change and was quite embarrassing. In a Metter of days all is back to normal also recomend to use the suppositories together.

This product is now a part of my routine. It has a light, pleasant herbal scent that isn't overpowering. 🌱💖